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  • Private Shanghai Tour Guide - the bund
  • Shanghai Destination Management - bund night
  • Shanghai downtown tour - shi ku men
  • Shanghai water village tour - zhu jia jiao
  • Shanghai sightseeing tour - nanjing road

Private Shanghai Tour Guide and Shanghai Destination Management

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  • Tongli Water Town Walking Tour
  • Tongli Water Town Walking Tour
  • Enjoy a countryside trip to the nearby water town with thousand-year history and hundred-year architectures. Get to know

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Terry W."I did a business trip to Shanghai November 2010 and I was on limited time to sight see so I decided to get a Tour Guide for a day...."
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Paul F."Confucius once said the "Everything has it's beauty, but not everyone can see it". So it is with China - each time we come we see..."
- Paul F.