For a long time, I have been thinking of writing down my memory about Shanghai - where I lived and worked for 6 years. Finally, I started this blog.


I arrived in Shanghai by train, on August 25th, 2003, to start my career.

It was my first time traveling alone for over a thousand kilometers away from home. It was mid-summer and the weather is so different from Beijing - all I fell is the humidity. Although I thought I've fully prepared for the climate in Shanghai. I was not a very outgoing young man who likes adventure and challenge a lot - I was not even excited :)

One of my father's friend came to pick me up at the railway station. I am always very thankful for my father's friend - I call him Uncle Yang. He is a very nice Shanghai man - not old enough to be called 'uncle' but that's how Chinese culture acts since he is my father's friends. He is astonished when I told him there was a cooking shovel in my bag. I have no idea why I bring it for 1000 KM. He took me in a taxi, speaking fluent Shanghai dialect all the way with the driver, leading the way. I was trying to understand what they were talking but I think I understood only 20%. The taxi took us to the apartment rented from Uncle Yang's neighbor, with 1 bedroom and 1 dining room, not highly renovated but it's almost like what I had expected. Actually, it was luxury already for me to rent an apartment with 1200RMB per month before getting the first-month salary.

to be continued...

Shanghai Xianxia road

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